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Our products and services are provided through technical means, because network attacks and hackers always exist, we cannot guarantee that your online privacy will not be violated when using our products and services. In addition, using VPN services may cause network speed to change. Slow, server connection and other problems, these problems are related to the characteristics of VPN products, when you use our product services, you accept and bear these risks

We do not guarantee that our products are completely error-free and bug-free, but we will try our best to optimize our products so that they can better serve our users, but we do not guarantee this. If your information, We are not responsible for any loss of property, etc., and you accept and bear this risk

Modify the terms of service

In order to meet your needs, we may iterate our products and services to provide you with better services. If some services need to modify the terms of service, we will update the terms of service. We recommend that you pay attention to the terms of service at any time. Change, because we will not make another notice about it, it is our right to modify the terms of service, if you continue to use our products and services, it means that you have read and agreed to our updated terms of service

Third party risk

Our products and services will not record your browsing and storage of third-party websites and product information. Our products may provide third-party related websites, links, etc. When you browse and store third-party service content through our products and services, we will It is recommended that you remain vigilant at all times. You represent that you are aware of and agree that the risk is borne by yourself. If information leakage, property loss, etc. occur, you represent that the resulting loss will be borne by you, and we will not bear any responsibility

Terminate service

We will adjust our services according to the operating conditions of our products and services. Of course, there are also cases of terminating services. We will try our best to provide services to our users. We have the right to terminate our products and services at any time. Any loss caused to you shall be borne by you personally, and we shall not be liable for it. You represent that you have known and agreed to this clause

Privacy Policy

We will encrypt and protect your personal information. For details on how to process your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy

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